Preventing Foodborne Illnesses While Traveling

  Traveling is not only about discovering new places, but often also about trying new flavors. However, consuming food and drinks in unfamiliar places can put you at risk of contracting foodborne illnesses. From food poisoning to diseases such as typhoid fever, food-borne illnesses can spoil any trip. Here are tips on how to prevent foodborne illness while traveling.

   Careful with Water

  Water is one of the most common sources of foodborne illness when traveling. Avoid drinking water straight from the tap, especially in developing countries where water supply systems may not be safe enough. Bottled drinks, hot drinks and water boiled for at least 1 minute are safe.

   Careful with Food

  As with water, food can be a source of various diseases. Avoid eating raw or uncooked foods such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruits that have not come in a clean package. It is safest to eat only well-cooked food that is served hot.

   Fruits and Vegetables

  Fruits and vegetables are often a source of bacteria and other pathogens that can cause foodborne illness. Avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables that have not been peeled. Fruits and vegetables that you can peel yourself, such as bananas or oranges, are safe.


  Some diseases, such as typhoid and cholera, are transmitted through contaminated water and food. Before traveling to areas where these diseases are common, consider getting vaccinated.

   Personal Hygiene

  Always wash your hands before eating. If you do not have access to water and soap, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

   Watch out for Spices

  In some countries, spices can be a source of bacteria. Avoid foods that have a lot of raw spices, such as salsa or salads.

  Traveling is a great experience, but it also requires responsibility. Safety should always come first, and health is one of the most important aspects of safety. By following the above tips, you can greatly reduce the risk of getting sick while traveling. A safe trip is one for which you are well prepared!


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