Health and Safety for Travel to Africa: What You Need

  Traveling to Africa can be a fascinating experience, full of unforgettable sights, cultures and adventures. But such a trip can also come with health and safety challenges. In this article, we'll discuss what you need to know about health and safety when traveling to Africa.


  Vaccinations are one of the most important parts of preparing for a trip. Some vaccinations, such as those for yellow fever, may be required to cross some African countries. Others, such as those for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, typhoid, and tick-borne diseases, are strongly recommended. Before you leave, consult your doctor or travel medicine clinic to find out which vaccinations are most appropriate for you.

   Protection against Malaria

  In many parts of Africa, there is a risk of contracting malaria. Consider taking anti-malarial medications, using DEET or Picaridin-based repellents, wearing clothing with long sleeves and legs, and sleeping under a mosquito net.

   Food and Water Safety

  Contaminated food and water can lead to foodborne illnesses such as traveler's diarrhea, cholera and typhoid fever. Try to consume only well boiled food and bottled water. Avoid ice, raw seafood, unpasteurized milk and milk products.

   Road safety

  Road conditions and driving styles may be different from what you are used to. Many African countries have high rates of road accidents. If you plan to rent a car, make sure you are comfortable with local road conditions. Always wear a seat belt and avoid driving after dark.

   Health Insurance

  Make sure you have adequate health insurance to cover possible medical treatment and evacuation costs. Check that your policy covers health care in the countries you are traveling to.

   Personal security

  Although many places in Africa are safe for travelers, some areas may have higher crime rates. Always be aware of your surroundings, avoid traveling at night and be cautious if you are carrying valuables.

  Traveling to Africa is a great experience, but it requires proper preparation. Remember that health and safety are paramount. Be prepared, be aware of your surroundings and enjoy the amazing experiences that Africa has to offer!


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